Andre Mendes

ANDRE MENDES (b. 1979, Brazil) Born in Curitiba, 1979. Graduated in Graphic Design from the Ponti cia Catholic University of Paraná and specialist in artistic drawing at the Institut Superior de Disseny y Escola de la Imatge – IDEP, Barcelona. After three years of experience in Spain, held in 2006 his first solo exhibition in Oporto – Portugal.

André Mendes has under his belt many national and international exhibitions including, Nasi Cam- pur / Singapore, Tropikos / Bangkok – Thailand, Art Expo Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Color ow 2012 / Barcelona – Spain, Elementary 2012 / Curitiba – Brazil, State of the Art – Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba.At the moment his work screen delineation, extending to the space, the pigments in resin soaks everything around, irting with the sculptural three-dimensionality that all wants to touch, invade, limitless expansion. The saturation is not only color saturation, is chaos saturation – architectural inter- ventions which carry the desire to immerse what is around¬ – potential over ows that also perform as a project and cause the viewer to see again immersed in different situations.



Returning to London after 17 years living in Asia, Ann Healey’s work is informed by elements from both her country of birth and the country where she spent almost two decades. Healey integrates the decoration of her childhood-patterns from old wallpaper, material collected by her maternal grandmother and elements of graffiti-with components of Asian inspired design and popular culture, referencing cartoon imagery in particular. Using technology to manipulate the abstract shapes, figures and partially obscured structures, she alters the original components of the work, in a process that deforms and then reforms the original parts into an unfamiliar actuality.

Ann Healey received a First Class degree in the combined studies of Fine Art Painting and Mathematics from Liverpool University after completing her Foundation Course at Central Saint Martins. She has held thirteen solo exhibitions around Asia as well as taking part in numerous group shows in galleries including the Singapore Art Museum and The Esplanade. She has been commissioned by brands from F1 Night Race Singapore to the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore.


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