THE HEROIC SERIES: Solo exhibition by Irene Hoff
TAKSU Bali, 22 June – 21 July 2013

TAKSU Bali is proud to present ‘The Heroic Series’, a solo exhibition by Dutch contemporary artist Irene Hoff. In this Pop Art series, Irene challenges the viewers to awaken their inner child by the application of mixed media on canvas, enriched with colorful printed patterns on paper. Upon the appropriation of expressing such liberation in her own art, Irene’s works seek to release one from mundane and established behavioral patterns, and to help rid of emotional built-ups such as sorrows, fears, boundaries and limitations that one might bear from one’s years from childhood.

The Heroic Series is about the renewing of passion, pure free spiritedness, an excitement beyond one’s imagination; a faith for the impossible to be possible, in all absence of doubt nor hesitation; experiencing it all as a fun adventure, no prejudice, just the natural spark of life. Reconnect with the playfulness and the untapped energy that keeps us young.

The unique colorful blends take art lovers into a mystical world that often only exists in their imagination. There is a wealth of intricate detail in each picture that requires in depth study and often Irene will incorporate a clever surprise or angle that leaves the viewer with a feeling of wonder, mystery, laugher, excitement, longing to see more. It pulls you into a place you love to stay, a break out of the ordinary.

IRENE HOFF (Drachten, Holland) lives and works in Bali. Irene started her career by doing numerous of worldwide commissions. After a period of time she successfully started working on own series. Irene has presented one solo exhibition and has participated in several group exhibitions and art fairs in various galleries and art spaces in Indonesia, Vietnam & Holland.

Exhibition runs from 22 June – 21 July 2013

W Retreat & Spa Bali
Jalan Petitenget
Bali, Indonesia
T +62 361 4738106
F +62 361 4738104

Gallery Hours:
Everyday: 9am-9pm
Except Mon & Thurs: 11am-9pm


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