TAKSU Bali is launching a new concept show of ‘NASI CAMPUR’.  A  group show with a mix of artworks and jewelry.  Expect to see  pop art contemporary paintings, traditional black and white balinese paintings, Indonesian antique artefacts, sculptural ceramics, and fine art  jewelry by international jeweler Tricia Kim (South Korea).

Artworks by local and International artists: Nanang Nugroho (Bali), Ngurah Udiantara (Bali), Anton Subiyanto (Yogyakarta), Dodit Artawan (Bali), Hanh (Pontianak), Abdul Fattah (Yogyakarta), Gilang Fradika (Yogyakarta), Ketut Moniarta (Bali), Philipe Lake Man (Australia), and Made Isas (Bali).

‘NASI CAMPUR’ has been a signature annual exhibition at TAKSU galleries since 2005.  Adopting the name of the traditional staple meal of Southeast Asia, ‘NASI CAMPUR’ puts together the freshest mix of works in one plate. Nasi Campur (‘mixed rice’ in Indonesian) is as diverse as the archipelago, with regional variations across the country.

A feast for the eyes, join us on 11th June 2016 to experience TAKSU’s “NASI CAMPUR” show.   A specially curated selection of artworks with a blend between the local favorites and delicacies from the region.

TAKSU Bali, W Retreat and Spa, Seminyak, Bali.

Opening Reception: Saturday, 11 June, 6PM – 9PM.

Contact us at for more information.


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