Fendy Zakri

Nature has been a subject of artist throughout the ages to express themselves and it is the impetus of my work . The landscape genre investigates painting’s ability to record the authenticity of the real world and to communicate the artist’s experiences in nature . The emotions , feelings , thoughts and concept that artist delve upon to create their work . In my case these elements are influenced by the beauty and power of nature and paradoxically , its evanescence .

The effects of light on land convey the cycle of nature , which is without beginning or end and is changing constantly . It is filled with dark , light , fog , moon , sunrise and sunset . Change in nature happen so expeditiously .

The inspiration for my work never appears in the exact same manner twice . The work chronicles specific feeling that I experienced at specific times of day and attempt to convey those emotion to the viewer – Fendy Zakri


Acrylic on Canvas
40 x 47 cm

Antara Bentuk
Acrylic on Canvas
153 x 122 cm

The Yellow Superior
Oil on Canvas
214 x 274 cm