Gan Tee Sheng

b. 1984, Malaysia

Gan Tee Sheng gained his art education from the Dasein Academy of Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur. He majored in Fine Art and has been participating in exhibitions since 2008, such as ‘Bangun’ (2008), ‘Young & New Part III’ (2009), ‘The Garden of Hidden Desires’ (2011), and the Malaysian Emerging Artist Award (MEAA) (2011).
Interested in human emotions, the artist pays particular attention to the repressed feelings that run deep underneath our innermost thoughts. The element of surrealism is rife in his works, and his art is inspired by mankind’s desires, where intuition, illusion, and the subconscious mind are turned into symbolic icons to question how people handle and struggle with sex, desire, and negative thinking.
Human figures form the core subject matter in Tee Sheng’s paintings, and they are often integrated with interior spaces, utilitarian forms, and peculiar objects. All his works explore the internal world that is the human mind, so as to disclose the intimate relationship between humans and their objects of desire.
Tee Sheng has been awarded twice for the UOB Painting Of The Year. As the selected artist at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum’s Residency Program in 2014 and with several sold-out shows under his belt, Tee Sheng has garnered a following of collectors and is a favoured artist in the S.E.A region. The 2nd solo show of Gan Tee Sheng titled, D E L U S I O N S, was set to captivate with a new series of surrealistic landscape works trenching on themes of growth, existence, devotion and love.
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Delusion 2

Oil on canvas, 200 x 340 cm (diptych)


Oil on canvas, 100 x 200 cm

Prayer 2

Oil on canvas, 200 x 100 cm

Old Man #5

Oil on canvas, 200 x 100 cm
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