Jan Wisse

“Many of my paintings show details of the human body. In my works, the human body often stands for ‘human nature’. The eloquence of a detail, together with the eloquence of the works’ shape, is used to express characteristics or feelings; either those of mankind in general, or those of a single individual. Partly, the choice of subjects, derives from my interest in the physical ‘old-fashioned-beauty-of-the-human-body’. Maybe that is why some paintings result in showing certain sensuality or elegance. Paintings, to me, are objects. Although mostly put up on the wall, in my perception, they are three-dimensional matters, free to handle, free to give it any shape I think it should have. Why limit myself to rectangles and squares? The central theme for my current works is Nature, and the way people deal with it. Either there is conflict or some kind of harmony or balance. One will find both aspects in my works. Nature, in most cases, will be presented in my works by green colours or green plants, and by water. The way we relate ourselves to nature provides me excellent opportunities to mirror our human characteristics, as well as to put today’s environmental questions in a personal perspective.” – Jan Wisse



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