Kim Kun Ju

KIM KUN JU(b.1966) works with three dimensional images, takes interest in the characteristics of the materials he uses and the relationship that is created through the mutual reactions and communications between the artist and the subject. He believes that there is some sort of relationship that occurs through the interaction between human and the various objects in nature at a certain place, and at a certain moment. Kim takes this moment and the place as a starting point of his formative narrative. His works visually expresses the intimate intermingling of such relationships. Also, his works remind us of the lines and color structures of Mondrian or school of Bauhaus, seems to suggest the artist’s or the audiences’ place as a stable and comfortable control unit of the union.

Kun-Ju Kim studied at Aakademie der Bildenden Künste, Nürnberg in Germany, graduating with With 8 times solo exhibitions in Korea, Kim has carried out the significant public art projects in the past. His works was collected by Art Bank (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation), Seoul Museum of Art. SeMA , Sungkok Art Museum, Jangheung sculpture park, Young-un Museum of Contemporary Art , Ramada Hotel (Suwon), Daewoo Corporation , Daelim Corporation, Samsung Corporation, Hyundai Development Corporation, etc.