6th September 2018 – 27th September 2018

Afiq Faris, Agnes Lau, Alicia Lau , Amsyar Ramly
Andrew Pok, Azizi Latif, Fauzulyusri , Fazrin Abd Rahman
Fendy Zakri, Keith Teo, Mei Kei Ho, Myra Myn
Nicholas Ong, Isa Ishak

Reflecting the seismic changes in Malaysia’s political, social, economic, and cultural realities currently, contemporary Malaysian artists have begun to redefine traditional identities, raising questions about the relationships between history and the present.

Harapan brings together a group of 14 artists who have something to say about the current underlying changes in politics. Through their paintings, what they see, hear, and feel about their country representing the repositioning of New Malaysia. Their questioning voices have initiated a dialogue within society and contexts beyond Malaysia, employing painting and various art installations to explore subjects ranging from their personal beliefs to the political. They share a basic understanding that the language they use cannot be regarded as an innocent carrier of meaning but must be seen as an integral part of their subject. These concerns – and the way they are conveyed through new interpretations on conventional mediums as well as nontraditional materials is a statement, thought, opinion, & hope.

As Theodor W. Adorno once wrote, “Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth”. By its very nature, art challenges the status quo. Contemporary political art can often serve as a powerful weapon. Addressing a variety of sociopolitical issues and challenging the traditional boundaries and questioning the dominant discourse, art can contribute to the social change by producing knowledge, solidarity, or simply raising awareness.

Harapan will explore the way images can move us, but also the role of an artist in constructing and changing our social reality. Is an individual impotent in front of daily news regarding wars, refugees, political and economic scandals? Should we remember previous governments? How should we deal with everyday politics and a variety of challenges society faces? Rejecting the notion of political correctness, artists featured in this exhibition will try to provide answers.

Opening Reception
6th September 2018, Thursday 7PM
Address 17 Jalan Pawang
Dato’ Keramat Kuala Lumpur