Kwon Bom-e

South Korea

Kwon Bom-e is a Korean artist. He expresses mental circulation and self-healing through repetitive acts. His art is about the act, shape, mental training and human thinking, and psychology from color. Bright colors and rhythmic shapes are mainly used.
His current work repetitive expressions ‘circulation’ in art is about not only acting but also image and shape. He expresses ‘circulation’ in a circle shape. This circle shape can be defined by the symbol for circulation in nature flowing.
Bom-e uses paper as a material for his art, trying to emphasize the importance of paper which is an essential material in our lives but is disappearing due to the electronic interface, and talk about back-to-nature figures. These circles get together and make the story. It means that one light material gets together and becomes heavier, bigger, and stronger.
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Paper cut, 60 x 60 cm

Circulation Stone

Paper Cut, 45 x 45 cm
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