SG: Locals Only
KL: Locals Only
Art Fair Philippines 2018
SG: Art Stage Singapore 2018
SG: Abstract Show
KL: ‘100 Markah = A + ?’ A Solo Exhibition by MeiKei Ho



SG: Art Stage 2017
Art Fair Philippines 2017

SG: Locals Only 2017
SG: Nasi Campur International Artists Show 2017
KL: Mimpi Jadi Lanskap
SG: Delusions by Gan Tee Sheng
KL: Bilateral Bonds KL
SG: Bilateral Bonds SG
KL : Art Expo Malaysia (Venue: Matrade)
KL: Whiteground: a solo by Fauzulyusri
SG: After Pictures: A Solo Exhibition by Argie Bandoy



SG: Nasi Campur 2016
SG: Art Stage 2016
KL: Locals Only 2016
Art Fair Philippines 2016
SG: Locals Only! 2016
KL: Secret Lies- A solo exhibition featuring Fadilah Karim
BALI: Nasi Campur 2016
SG: Manifesto by Tony Twigg
KL & SG: Bi Lateral Bonds
SG: Adobo Country
KL: Maze
KL: Art Expo Malaysia
SG: Swimmer, A Solo Exhibition by Seah Zelin
KL: Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur
SG: A Man Without A Hobby Is Worthless by Pow Martinez



SG: Art Stage Singapore 2015
SG: Interface: Group exhibition featuring artists from 6 countries (Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada)
Art Fair Philippines 2015
SG: Places of Cities, Memories: A solo exhibition featuring Korean artist Daeho Guk
KL: Dark Cloud
KL:  SHIFT- A Group Exhibition featuring Cinta Ayuandrea, Zulkifli Lee, Syed Fakaruddin, Khairul Izham, Hisyamuddin Abdullah, Sahibis Pandi, and Najib Bamadhaj
SG: Material Witnesses
Bali: Nasi Campur Group Exhibition
SG: Self Imitating Self- A solo exhibition by Ann Healey
KL: Art Expo Malaysia
SG: We Saw Things That Others Didn’t
KL: Attitude In Lines
KL: Hit The Ground and Blossom



KL: SArKAs: solo exhibition by Hisyamuddin Abdullah
BALI: The World of Beast: A solo exhibition by Dutch contemporary artist Irene Hoff
SG: Fragments: Group exhibition featuring works by Fyerool Darma (Singapore), Nguyen Le Thuy Duong (Vietnam), Jill Ann Press (Denmark), Khairy Shamsudin, Khuzairie Ali and Khairul Azmir Shoib (Malaysia)

KL: One Day I Will Find The Right Words, And They Will Be Simple: Solo exhibition by Norberto Roldan 
SG: Slippery Surfaces: Curated by Nilo Ilarde, featuring Gino Bueza, Jigger Cruz, Lubin Nepomoceno and Jonathan Olazo

KL: ArtExpo Malaysia 2014 
KL: Merdeka Show: featuring Ed Roger, Mohd Fuad Arif, Hisyamuddin Abdullah, Hafidz Shabri, Izat Arif, Khairul Izham, Khairy Shamsudin, Khuzairie Ali, Meme, Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj, Rini Hashim & many more. 
SG: Notes To Self: Ade Putra Safar, Izziyana Suhaimi, Su-Jin Dorcas Ng, Simon Ng and Supersegak (Singapore), Ernest Concepcion (Philippines), Debra Raymond (Indonesia), Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj and Hisyamuddin Abdullah (Malaysia)
BALI: Morning & Happiness: A solo exhibition by Anton Subiyanto
SG: Between Sense And Sensibility: Miguel Iglesias (ES), Matias Krahn (ES), Shoji Kato (JP) and Daeho Guk (KR)
KL: WITHDRAWN: Solo Exhibition by Gan Tee Sheng
SG: Of Time and Memory
BALI: TAKSU 3rd Anniversary
SG: Nasi Campur



BALI: A Solo Exhibition By Joanna Cutri
KL: New Waves, Korea: Kun Ju Kim, Sang Taek Oh & Sung Chul Hong
SG: New Waves, Korea: Kun Ju Kim, Sang Taek Oh & Sung Chul Hong
SG: Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?: A Solo Exhibition by Lindslee
KL: W.O.Y.M: A solo exhibition by Edroger C. Rosili
KL: No Talking Points 2: Group Exhibition by Bernardo Pacquing, Cris Villanueva, Elaine Navas, Juan Alcazaren, Lyle Buencamino, Nilo Ilarde & Pete Jimenez
SG: Marking, Making and Seeing: Recent Works by Argie Bandoy, Bernardo Pacquing & Nilo Ilarde
KL: Water: A group exhibition by Sabri Idrus, Budi Agung Kuswara, Jigger Cruz & I Made Arya Palguna
KL: 50/50: Two-man show by Yeoh Choo Kuan and Seah Zelin
KL: Adobo Country Returns: A group exhibition by 12 artists from the Philippines
BALI: (un)Necessaries: Solo Exhibition by Sang Taek Oh
SG: (un)Necessaries: Solo Exhibition by Sang Taek Oh
BALI: A solo exhibition by Irene Hoff
KL: Up! : A group exhibition by 8 young Malaysian artists: Ed Roger, Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj, Hisyamuddin Abdullah, Choo Kuan Yeoh, Sabihis, Seah Zelin, Khairul Izham and Hafidz Shabri
SG: Abstraction, Lost and Found: A group exhibition by Nolet Soliven, Raul Rodriguez, Jigger Cruz, Juni Salvador, Ronald Achacoso, Jojo Serrano and Zean Cabangis
SG: No Empire Lasts Forever: Solo Exhibition by Norberto Roldan
SG: TRANSLOCALITY: A group exhibition by three young Malaysian artists: Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj, Khairul Izham and Hafidz Shabri
KL: Coreng: Solo Exhibition by Fauzulyusri
SG: Adobo Country
SG: Undertone: Norberto Roldan, Tony Twigg, Michael Davidson & Sang Taek Oh



KL: The Nuntius: Solo Exhibition by Indra Ramanthan
BALI: Happiness Is A Warm Gun : Solo Exhibition by Hanh
KL: Dua: Two-man show by Sabri Idrus and Tony Twigg
SG: Moon Bathing: Solo Exhibition by Tony Twigg
KL: Great Migration: Solo Exhibition by Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj
SG: Peninsula and Islands: A group exhibition by 14 artists
KL: GREEN: Group Exhibition by Hisyamuddin Abdullah, Fawwaz Sukri, Hafidz Shabri, Mohsin Aminuddin, Khairy Shamsudin, Mohd Akhir, and Jamil Zakaria
SG: Antara: Solo Exhibition by Sabri Idrus
SG: Face the Strange: Solo Exhibition by Olan Ventura
KL: Within darkened disorder, muse & reverie… the wicked woman let out a curse: Khairul Azmir Shoib (Meme) & Haslin Ismail
SG: Tales of Tomorrow: Celia Neubauer & Joe Fleming
KL: Chronicle of Lines: Solo Exhibition by Khairul Izham
SG: No Talking Points: Bernardo Pacquing, Cris Villanueva Jr., Elaine Navas, Hubert San Juan, Juan Alcazaren, Lyle Buencamino and Nilo Ilarde
SG: DOPPELGANGERS: Solo Exhibition by Gerardo Tan
BALI: Meeting Point: From Jogja with Love
KL: No Talking Points: Bernardo Pacquing, Cris Villanueva Jr., Elaine Navas, Hubert San Juan, Juan Alcazaren, Lyle Buencamino and Nilo Ilarde
SG: Floating Desire: Solo Exhibition by Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul)
SG: Garbage Flowers and Foolish Words: Solo Exhibition by Lynyrd Paras
KL: POOL PARTY! Solo Exhibition by Dodit Artawan
SG: Nasi Campur



KL: DOPPELGANGERS: Solo Exhibition by Gerardo Tan
KL: Endangered: Hirzaq Harris and Najib Ahmad
SG: POOL PARTY! Solo Exhibition by Dodit Artawan
SG: Serial Killers /Welcome to the Club!
BALI: Refreshingly Different
KL: Serial Killers /The Heat is On
SG: The Resistance Movement: Street Art Revisited
SG: Culture Vulture by Justin Lim and Samsudin Wahab
SG: Nasi Campur
KL: Guris: Solo Exhibition by Fauzulyusri
SG: Entranced and Terrified by the Strange Women and Their Macabre Stories: Solo Exhibition by Khairul Azmir Shoib (Meme)
SG: SNUFF: New Paintings by Argie Bandoy
KL: Travelling Light: Solo Exhibition by Jumaadi
SG: Art Stage: Norberto Roldan: The beauty of history is that it does not reside in one place