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TAKSU is  participating in ART STAGE SINGAPORE 2016, featuring Norberto Roldan (Philippines), Nilo Ilarde (Philippines), Sang Taek Oh (South Korea), Sung Chul Hong (South Korea), Najib Bamadhaj (Malaysia), and Hisyamuddin Abdullah (Malaysia), Fadilah Karim (Malaysia), Khairul Izham (Malaysia), Fauzulyusri (Malaysia), Ngurah Udiantara (Indonesia), and Andre Mendes (Brazil).

Norberto Roldan will be featured in the Seismograph project for Art Stage Singapore 2016.


Booth H13
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre,
Basement 2, Halls D, E, F

Fair Opening Dates & Times
20 Jan 2016 (Wednesday)
VIP preview 3pm – 6pm
Vernissage 6pm – 9pm

21 – 24 Jan 2016 Fair open to public
Public Fair Opening Hours:
21 Jan 2016 (Thursday): 12pm–8pm
22 Jan 2016 (Friday): 12pm–7pm
23 Jan 2016 (Saturday): 11am–7pm
24 Jan 2016 (Sunday): 11am–6pm

For more information about the artworks, email us at sing@taksu.com
or visit our website at www.taksu.com



NORBERTO ROLDAN (b. 1953, Philippines)

Norberto Roldan’s work offers a commentary on the social, political, and cultural conditions of the Philippines via simple but apposite assemblages of object, text, and image. In F-16 (2012), Roldan explores the subject of power negotiation in geopolitical encounters by drawing a relationship between the colonization of the Philippines and events on today’s global stage.

Cofounder, in 1986, of Black Artists in Asia, a group formed to observe political, social, economic, and cultural issues through aesthetic practice, Roldan is also one of the founders of Manila gallery Green Papaya Art Projects. While the artist’s painterly approach in F-16 appears to diverge from his earlier assemblages, it entails a similarly intimate transformation of historical reference in its reproduction of found elements. The earlier works bind contrary elements together—one series juxtaposes the sacred and profane by pairing found objects with Roman liturgical vestments—while the monochromatic palette of F-16 renders image and text parallel in a way that questions the status of both. Yet Roldan’s introspective works, which display the formal influence of Joseph Cornell and Filipino artist Santiago Bose, transcend the specificities of Filipino history and politics to suggest an intimate connection with the wider world.

NiloIlarde-soandsopaintsapictureeightytwo-oilonplywood-18cmx13cm-2015 copyNiloIlarde-soandsopaintsapictureeighty-oilonplywood-18cmx13cm-2015 copy

NILO ILARDE (b. 1960, Philippines)

Nilo Ilarde entered the Philippine art scene in the early 1980s by being commended during the Young Arts in Asia Now exhibition held at the Hong Kong Center in 1980 and winning the AAP annual national competition (Painting) in 1981. He started exhibiting his work as part of group exhibitions since 1983 and held his first one-man exhibition in 1987. Alongside painting and installation work, Ilarde was an exhibition director at Pinaglabanan Galleries from 1985 – 1986 and since 1980 till now he has been actively working as a guestcurator and curator of various exhibitions  at Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, West Gallery, Finale Art Gallery, and many others.


SANG TAEK OH (b. 1970, Korea)

Sang Taek Oh has delivered affirmative messages in photography through his gradually progressed series of works. The works of Sang Taek Oh contemplates the fundamental issues of our present lives, leading us to the inevitable fact of struggling everyday in the co-existing world of joy and sorrow, or sense and nonsense. He studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (B.F.A) and San Francisco Art Institute in the United States (M.F.A).

The works of Sang Taek Oh has been exhibited extensively in Korea and worldwide, including China, US, and Canada. He was a recipient of an artist residency at National art studio, Goyang and Seoul City Art Studio, Nanji, one of the most prestigious residency programs in Korea. Also, he has received awards from renowned foundations and museums in Korea, such as, SEMA (Seoul Museum of Art) Awards 2010 and he has established his collections in Korea’s major museums: National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art and Museum of Art Seoul National University. He currently lives and working as a Professor in Seoul Art Institute, Korea.


SUNG CHUL HONG (b.1969, Korea)

Sung Chul Hong’s artworks combine a variety of advanced technology with analog feelings.

In string works series, he takes a picture of parts or whole human body and printed it out on self – designed strings. He then reconstructs layers of strings on different levels. That is, he transforms one-dimensional images on the photo into stereoscopic figures. In the era of high technology, rapid development and spread of visual media, he attempts to diminish the power of ‘the one and only’ originality. It also realized, so-called, ‘Democracy of images’ and ushered the era of ‘more realistic than reality’ imagination. He tries to reveal incompleteness of media, which distorts reality and reduces it to an object of imagination, by creating string works which depicts itself as a fact.

Works of Hong has been exhibited at prestigious galleries and museums in Korea and worldwide including Paris, London, Germany, US, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Also, his works were collected by Saatchi Museum, Seoul Museum of Art, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Kumho Museum of Art Hana Bank, F&F, CJ E&M etc.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 11.39.15 AM

NAJIB BAMADHAJ (b.1987, Malaysia)

By adapting stencilling and marking techniques normally used by street artists, Bamadhaj express ideas and visualize feelings onto canvas. In his paintings, he devote his attention towards endangered animals and animal rights, using the body language of the animals to evoke sadness. From there, Bamadhaj created the migration series to expose the destruction of animal habitats as a result of human greed and the obsession with money and development. His current series explores the idea of survival, as animals migrate from their natural habitats to the urban jungle.

Bamadhaj completed his Bachelor (Hons.) Fine Art, Majoring in Painting, UiTM Shah Alam, Selanjor in 2010 and has gone to greater success with a sold-out show in TAKSU Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.



Perturbed by various issues plaguing the country at recent time, Hisyamuddin’s work is his personal response towards the instability of socio-political state in Malaysia. Using symbolism, he portrays himself as the main subject in his paintings. His works are often satirical, be it mocking the behaviours of others based on their own feelings and restricted knowledge, joining in the current trend of keyboard warrior without referring to those who are more knowledgeable in that particular field or in response of the situation prevailing in todays society, especially in the context of Malaysia, where people are often bribed with false news.





Fragile Spine / Oil on Linen / 123 cm x 183 cm / 2015


Rapid / Oil on Canvas / 122 cm x 122 cm / 2015



Fossil 2 / Acrylic on Canvas / 152 cm x 121 cm / 2015