Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre

TAKSU participates in ARTSTAGE SINGAPORE 2015 featuring  Argie Bandoy, Fauzulyusri, Lyle Buencamino and Norberto Roldan and Seah Zelin (Project Stage) from 22-25 January 2015

Argie Bandoy’s paintings are spontaneous layers of imagery within the space of canvas, where his layered visual accidents and abstractions playfully mock modern history. Bandoy works mainly with paint on canvas, but also uses experimental methods to achieve the end result. He often includes discarded objects in his work to lend the paintings a grotesque sense of reality.

Fauzulyusri’s new series of paintings explore flat colors and heavy texture with candid gestures reminiscent of the abstract expressionists. When juxtaposed with his signature figures, the text and geometric abstractions also suggest the urbanity of graffiti.  Fauzulyusri’s approach makes use of the imperfect text to build complexity in contrast to his deliberate use of flat colors that, combined with aggressive spontaneous strokes, lend a balance of conflicting narratives. Fauzulyusri’s gestural configurations give way to the characteristics of his chosen medium while allowing the bold compositional elements in his work to struggle for dominance. In doing so, the artist reveals to his audience his interpretation of the way people live in the face of continuing modernity.

Lyle Buencamino will be showcasing his No Fighting in the Museum series which has been working on for the past 5 years. The series uses production stills from movies of the now defunct LVN Studios, which the artist gained access to courtesy of the Lopez Museum that had acquired LVN’s complete archives. Buencamino’s work is often context-driven, as in the case of No Fighting in the Museum where the piece is only fully realised when exhibited in a museum.

Citing the influence of Joseph Cornell and Santiago Bose, Norberto Roldan juxtaposes objects, images, and textual fragments as a means to reject the idea of historical certainty and propose new social, political, and cultural narratives in its place. Often employing the material embodiments of various genres and themes in a single collage, Roldan harnesses poignant aspects of shared and personal biography.

Project Stage: Seah Zelin
This body of work represents the artist’s views on the relationship between contemporary art and its viewers. The haphazardly strewn fishing nets act as barrier that intentionally disrupt the audience view of his paintings on the wall, thus questioning the accessibility of contemporary art today. This train of thought stems from the artist’s own learning journey—before pursuing his graduate studies overseas, he studied art through reproduced images from second or third hand sources. The paintings in this project are copies of imitations of Western masterpieces found on the internet. With every reproduction, the works are further removed from the original.

Booth H10
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre,
Basement 2, Halls D, E, FFair Opening Dates & Times
21 Jan 2015 (Wednesday)
VIP preview 3pm – 6pm
Vernissage 6pm – 9pm

22 – 25 Jan 2015 Fair open to public
Public Fair Opening Hours:
22 Jan 2015 (Thursday): 12pm–7pm
23 Jan 2015 (Friday): 12pm–7pm
24 Jan 2015 (Saturday): 11am–7pm
25 Jan 2015 (Sunday): 11am–6pm

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