Shen Xin

SHEN XIN was born in Chengdu, China (1990). In her works, the statuses of gestures are often discussed in association with making a statement, expressing affections, or just purely in its state of actions. The subversions of these gestures are often the highlights. To create tension through these subversions, and to reveal the transparency of these gestures have been the focus of her practice. The notion of qi in Taoism and the practice of contemporary theatre and dance have influenced her works of painting, video, performance and sound.

Shen has participated in Affordable Art fair, the Winston Oh Travel Award in Singapore, and the 2ndInternational Painting Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts Vladivostok in Russia in 2011. She also initiated a video/live performance show Deploying Passage at one of the galleries of the Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore. Shen’s works and articles have been featured in the magazine China Artists and Praxis Press.  And she was awarded with the LASALLE Award For Academic Excellence and received the LASALLE Scholarship for the BA program.
Mixed media
152 x 130 cm

Impromptu Judgement
Mixed media
190 x 160 cm