SUNG CHUL HONG (b.1969) his artworks combine a variety advanced technology with analogue feelings.

In string works series, he takes a picture of parts or whole human body and printed it out on the self –designed strings. Then, he reconstructs layers of strings on different levels. That is, He transforms one-dimensional images on the photo into stereoscopic figures. In the era of high technology, rapid development and spread of visual media diminished the power of ‘the one and only’ originality. It also realized, so-called, ‘Democracy of images’ and ushered the era of ‘more realistic than reality’ imagination. He tries to reveal incompleteness of media which distort the reality and reduce the reality to an object of imagination, by creating string works which depict the fact of its own.

Hong studied interactive media art at California Arts Institute in the United States, graduating with M.F.A. He has gained a reputation globally through a various of exhibitions, art fairs and action houses such as Sotheby’s in Hongkong, Sacchi’ Museum in London, National Museum in Malaysia. Works of Hong has been exhibited at prestigious galleries and museums in Korea and worldwide including Paris, London, Germany, US, Hong kong and Malaysia. And also His works was collected by Sacchi’ Museum, Seoul Museum of Art , Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Kumho Museum of Art Hana Bank, F&F, CJ E&M etc.

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