Trine Orik

“Fragile cardboard cityscapes echo the fragmentary and ephemeral. Uninhabited, the intricate complexity of Trine Olrik’s spaces “carry” a weight of the air that passes in their midst, reciprocated by the sense of the lightness in these impoverished urban forms” (Robert Luzar)

London-based Trine Olrik graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1993 with Bachelor (Hons) in Sculpture, and from Royal Academy Schools London in 1996 with Masters in Sculpture. Since then, she has mounted three solo exhibitions in Copenhagen and in London; and took part in several group exhibitions in Europe. Trine is the recipient of 1996 The Royal Academy Reynolds Club, and 2010 The Open West Cheltenham. Her works are in the collection of Copenhagen Councils Art Trust (2008) and various private institutions in UK, Los Angeles, Denmark, and France.





Mixed media
250 x 135 cm