Aqil Zulkeri

b. 1996, Malaysia

Aqil Zulkeri was born in 1996 in the peaceful village of Temerloh, Pahang. He pursued his Fine Arts diploma and a degree in UiTM, Shah Alam. His artworks mainly revolve around self-love subject. Aqil embraces the mystery surrounding the topic and he exercises non-attachment to others being, meaning the ability to love oneself unapologetically.
Though young and an emerging artist in Malaysia, he has joined several exhibitions both regionally and internationally. In 2020, he participated in an online exhibition titled Embodiment at TAKSU Singapore. He was the finalist for the Art Against Aids (AAA), hosted by KAREX in Publika Kuala Lumpur in 2017.
Aqil likes to explore and express his voice by playing with various materials and mediums. He chooses to let go of his own fear and society expectations to allow his painting to evolve based on his heart callings, visions, and play – including all the happy accidents and the mess.
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Beyond The Boarder

Mixed media, 152 x 152 cm

Primer I

Mixed media, 121 x 121 cm

Primer II

Mixed media, 121 x 121 cm
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