TAKSU Artist Residency Program (TARP)
TAKSU Artist Residency Program (TARP) in Kuala Lumpur launched in 2004. It was an organic idea that came from offering an artist a place to stay within our gallery space to create and paint.It was an enjoyable environment and beneficial for everyone. Since then we decided to open TARP for all artists and created some standards and rules.
A 45–60 day artist residency, for them to immerse and create art in a working gallery environment. Through TARP, the artist will have a studio space and living quarters during their stay.
Our aim is to promote international exchange of culture and art. Our vision is to unite and share intercultural dialogue among artists, galleries and collectors. Providing access to local contemporary art scenes and strengthening the arts community. Through these efforts, we want to support and be part of this growth for the next generation of promising local and international artists in Southeast Asia.
TARP is set in a lush garden gallery setting nearby the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a vibrant developing city, with it’s people, history, food, and natural landscapes, making it an ideal place to discover and explore the growing artistic community.
We wish to extend an invitation to artists to participate in TARP. Please apply with us if you are an emerging or established international artist.

TARP Artists

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