Atiqah Khairul

b. 1995, Malaysia

Receiving her formal art education from UiTM Malaysia, in Fine Arts and Technology, Atiqah’s work explores the realm of the unknown. Currently pursuing her career as an artist, she also works at an art gallery where she enjoys supporting and developing both new and established artists, helping to nurture the rich and growing art scene.
Exploring the realm of the unknown and vacancy in life, Atiqah’s work prods at life’s unanswered questions and inherent mysteries. Tackling themes of uncertainty, time, and self-experience, her paintings often feature commonly overlooked everyday objects and current events. Using hyper-realistic techniques, she creates a strong sense of identity, beauty, and illusion for each painting, inviting viewers to embrace the beauty of uncertainty and to meet this space with an attitude of curiosity and exploration. Atiqah suggests that this curiosity and celebration of the unknown is vital to the process of insight of revelation.
Atiqah has participated in various residencies and group exhibitions, including Rumah Seni umah Seni Selangor, Malaysia, and Saung Banon Arts, Yogyakarta. Some of her selected group exhibitions include, ‘Locals Only! 2024’ exhibition at TAKSU Kuala Lumpur, as well as ‘Open House’, and ‘Ada Kawan-Kawan’ in 2023, among others. Her works have been collected and appreciated by private clients in Malaysia.
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Art Kosong, Bunyi Nyaring

Oil on canvas, 25.5 x 20 cm

Nothing Grand, Nothing Fun

Oil on canvas, 25.5 x 20 cm

Mencari Yang Benar

Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 76.5 cm

Old Habit Die Heart

Oil on canvas, 61.5 x 61.5 cm
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