Azizi Latif

b. 1988, Malaysia

Azizi received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at UITM. He has captivated audiences with exceptional portraits of renowned artists made from an innovative quilling technique which involves the meticulous arrangement of densely folded or rolled paper strips. The curves which define the facial planes resembles shifting waves and movements experienced by the subject.
Despite being an OKU (losing his right hand palm in an accident during childhood), Azizi has overcome trials and hardships along the way, focusing on his type of new media art with steely determination, relentless persistence, and a strong will to succeed. It is indeed this strong fighting spirit, the never give-up spirit, that Curate opens up its door to represent this young talented artist.
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Sculpted canvas & Acrylic on canvas, 61 x 152 cm


Sculpted canvas & Acrylic on canvas, 61 x 183 cm

The Spirit Of Van Gogh

Collage on paper, 79 x 110cm
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