Christina Quisumbing Ramilo

b. 1961, Philippines

Christina Quisumbing Ramilo examines and reimagines objects and their contexts through comprehension of material and site specificity. Her artistic practice involves an interest in and respect for the life and history of objects. With minimal intervention on their surfaces, she arranges them or reconfigures their parts, presenting other perspectives to their forms and functions. Often using unconventional materials (construction discards, architectural fragments, casts, recycled paper), and utilizing objects themselves as material (mirrors, bottles, old frames, clothing), most of which have been collected for years, she constructs the works in parts over long periods of time, never completely finished. Conferred with titles that employ wit and humor, they ultimately express her personal poetries.
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Cardboard flaps, 38.7 x 27.3 x 5 cm


Used sandpaper and wood, 61 x 40.5 cm


Used sandpaper and wood, 61 x 40.5 cm

Landing 6

Used sandpaper from Pepito Albert, 56 x 42 cm


Vintage clock, bottles from dead horse bay, water damaged photographs in antique frame, 60 x 49 x 8.5 cm


Used metal palettes and painted wood in antique gold frame, 55 x 44 x 6 cm

Per Kilo

Used paper paint rags from Elaine Navas and old wood frame with glass, 65 x 80 x 6.5 cm

Vicious Cycle

Used sandpaper from Art Sanchez & Reg Yuson, and painted wood, 183 x 122 cm

Debris 1

Used sandpaper, 61 x 61 cm

Ruminations 8

Used Sandpaper, 20 x 25 cm

Ruminations 11

Used Sandpaper, 20 x 25 cm

Madrugada Series #1

Charcoal powder & graphite on paper, 58 x 75 cm

Madrugada Series #6

Charcoal powder & graphite on paper, 58 x 75 cm
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