A Solo Exhibition by Fauzulyusri


Batu by Fauzulyusri offers a fresh perspective into Fauzulyusri’s artistic oeuvre, which has spanned over two decades. This exhibition marks his 14th solo exhibition – a momentous occasion to celebrate an artist of this calibre.

The characteristics of Fauzulyusri’s visual expressions emphasise technique, composition, material, form, colour, texture, and subject matter as we understand them. Art enthusiasts and purist followers will be curious about how Fauzulyusri arrived here.

In Batu, Fauzulyusri departs from naivety, textual, graphical and, above all, abstraction to explore the centuries-old still-life genre. Enshrined within the frame’s borders lies an inanimate object, complex solid mineral matter in the form of majestic rocks and all its splendour.

For Fauzulyusri, Batu is an attempt to re-imagine still-life paintings and to give prominence to a single object. Unlike the traditional sense of western Old Master still-life that illustrates a bowl of fruit, a flower vase, or a banquet table, Fauzulyusri’s version boasts technical flair: a strong “DNA” or the “Fauzulyusri’s formula” that is distinctively unique.

“I am very much interested in texture from the beginning of my artistic career. Batu is my first still-life series. It is clean, minimal, orderly, and arranged aesthetically,” described Fauzulyusri.

Batu gives me the satisfaction of creating something new. I find joy in the entire process, adapting to a new way of working and feeling enthusiastic about the outcome,” said Fauzulyusri blissfully.

Opening Reception
Thursday, 25 March 2023
8 pm – 11 pm
17 Jalan Pawang, 54000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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