Solo Exhibition by Fazrin Abd Rahman


Maze, a solo exhibition by Fazrin Abd Rahman, explores milestones, be they a first job, the birth of a child, or any other event that signals a marked change in one’s life. For artists, these milestones come in various forms, but there’s no doubt that the first solo exhibition is a particularly special one. Maze is precisely that for Fazrin Abd Rahman. The inaugural solo exhibition for the artist, Maze signals a newfound maturity in Fazrin’s career and a move into artistic terrain that’s more engrained in linking method and thought, as well as experimentation with media and materials.

The Maze-Maker & His Local Language

Understanding the 12 works in Maze does demand some acquainting with the maze-maker himself. A Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) graduate, Fazrin’s works in Maze do bear hint to his time majoring in sculpture. Aluminium dominates as the chief material, and the immediate impact felt by his works are its strong geometric qualities and the flat surfaces that deceive the eye; from afar, the works appear to be paintings, but closer inspection reveals the use of materials and markings that hint at the language of sculpture.

Whilst each work’s individual character comes to life by way of subtle changes in formal arrangements and colours, the unifying element in all of Fazrin’s works are the maze-like designs. It’s a form that hints loosely at the workings of minimalist works from the 1960’s, but mostly, Fazrin’s chosen aesthetic professes an affinity for the traditional forms found in local designs. “Influences from my own life have had a big influence on my works,” admits Fazrin, who cites the traditional art of rattan weaving, specifically the use of woven rattan sheets in the interiors of traditional Malay kampung houses, as a driving influence in his latest body of work.

The exhibition runs from 22nd September to 8th October 2016
Opening Reception 22nd September, Thursday, 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm


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Tue, 20 Sep 2016 — Sat, 08 Oct 2016
10:00 am — 6:00 pm

TAKSU Kuala Lumpur

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