Physically Present Mentally Absent

Solo Exhibition by Lindslee


Lindslee’s latest solo exhibition Physically Present Mentally Absent at Taksu Gallery in Singapore explores the human condition and discusses ideas about contemporary art, myth, beauty, the nature of “Filipino Art”, and the challenges of being an artist in his society. Lindslee expresses life’s dualities in the human form, which is present in the many portraits and self-portraits produced throughout the last decade of his career. The exhibition Physically Present Mentally Absent celebrates a dedicated, playful artist who experiments with human hair and taxidermy, in his work spanning painting, sculpture and installation, from the absurd to the philosophical. He used glass, cement, plant, LED light, soil and live fish to create a head submerged in a tank swimming with fresh water flora and fauna. He stuck to the walls hands sculptures holding out roller brushes, connected large globs of paint sticking out from the canvas to IV bottles filled with coloured liquids. On his creative process, Lindslee says, “Making art is energy, from developing the concept or idea to inventing devices of handling, processing, adding form and colour, right through the outcome – all signs of the artist’s active presence. It is all about exerting oneself physically and mentally to convey energy in art”. Nevertheless, his own subject matter taken from everyday life, including his contacts with peoples and cultures, are all as vital and what, in the same way, gives energy, beauty and humour to his art.

Lindslee’s solo exhibition, Physically Mentally Absent runs from 3rd October – 28th October 2018 at TAKSU Singapore.


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Wed, 03 Oct 2018 — Sun, 28 Oct 2018
10:00 am — 7:00 pm

TAKSU Singapore

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