Fuad Arif

b. 1976, Sabah, Malaysia

Fuad Arif’s work is a tribute to the nature of reality, with all its many mysteries and contradictions. When viewers first look at the graphite sketches of Fuad, you might just see random doodlings of a messy mind – scattered all over a canvas. Yet a closer look and it’s easy to spot rhythm and reason in the sea of scribbles. The artist’s scrawls fit themselves into irregular columns, grids and patterns of their own design. “We have ideas of freedom, and predestination as well. We say things are controlled by God, but at the same time, I can make choices. My understanding of reality is not black and white, it’s very abstract.”
Hailing from Keningau, Sabah, Fuad Arif gravitates to the use of graphite as a medium and to spark dialogue. He has a Masters in Art and Design from Universiti Teknologi Mara in Shah Alam, Selangor. He has won several art prizes, including The Young Contemporary 2013 (Bakat Muda Sezaman) an award from the National Art Gallery (KL).
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Reality is hard when you have nothing - No. 3

Graphite pencil & graphite stick on laminated plywood, 122 x 122 cm


Acrylic gold metallic on linen, 183 x 213 cm

Eye Not Good

Digital print on syntactic paper, 76 x 102 cm

Peace Off

Digital print on syntactic paper, 76 x 102 cm
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