Irene Hoff

b. 1968, Netherlands

Irene Hoff is a visual artist whose captivating oeuvre deftly marries the ethereal with the earthly through mixed media portraits of female figures. Her journey as an artist explores the deep connections between the human spirit and the world around it.
Having lived in Asia for 20 years, Hoff draws immense inspiration from the nature and culture that envelop her. Her artistic practice creates a dialogue between her Western roots and Asian art and culture, encouraging a wide and deep exploration of inclusiveness and possibilities. Her work orbits themes of human emotion, love, and compassion, primarily focusing on portraits. Hoff’s unique style blends different textures such as newspapers and magazines, adding depth and intrigue to her creations.
Hoff’s personal experiences infuse her art with raw authenticity, drawing from a life rich with triumphs and tribulations. From the tender nostalgia of childhood memories to the profound introspection of personal growth, each brushstroke is imbued with the essence of her being, reflecting her journey through life’s labyrinth.
Her work has achieved international acclaim, with exhibitions across Europe, Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia. In 2016, she was honoured with a Leonardo DiCaprio Signature from the DiCaprio Foundation Wildlife, New York, recognising her significant contributions to the arts.
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Feeling of Change

Mixed Media, 120 x 120 cm

Feeling of Movement

Mixed Media, 120 x 120 cm

Feeling of Freedom

Mixed Media, 120 x 120 cm

Life as we know it

Mixed Media, 120 x 120 cm


Mixed Media, 125 x 85 cm

Black and white

Mixed Media, 110 x 110 cm
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