Jeong Daun

b. 1987, South Korea

Fabric is the most important and frequently used media in Jeong’s work. She is interested in visual aspects that come from the act of seeing. The fabric has been chosen as the medium not to make a narrative or conceptualize personal life but to express her artist’s interest. Fabric drawing is literally a painting that is drawn with fabric. Visual effects are minimized and a pure expression of a fabric constitutes the artwork.
In her recent work, she is using the materiality of fabric, she adds another meaning to painting and diversifies expressions. It is her ceaseless artistic challenge to suggest new possibilities of interpreting painterly space by means of expanding the materials for painting expressions. Through her artistic experiments in regards to art, She hopes that viewers can reconsider their thoughts on material, a fabric while having both visual and tactile experiences.
In other words, she makes paintings by using texture, color, and patterns of fabric, seeking new possibilities of visual effects in the painting genre.
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From Nature_Naturally 18

Fabric, 50 x 120cm

From Nature_Naturally 17

Fabric, 50 x 120cm

From Nature_Naturally 19

Fabric, 50 x 120cm

From Nature_Naturally 20

Fabric, 50 x 120cm
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