Lee Mok Yee

b. 1988, Malaysia

Mok Yee was born in Klang, Malaysia. He graduated in 2014 from Middlesex University, London with First Class Honors in a degree in Fine Art. He has also exhibited internationally in London, Korea, and Germany and his works were well received by the public and art collectors.
His work always deals with the language of the materials which includes the physical materials, conceptual materials, and cultural context. Using the readymade objects, he attempts to interpret and reconstruct the characteristics and the utility of the objects and at the same time, reflect his point of view on his own cultural and political background. His work involves various media such as installation, sculpture, painting, and others. Mok Yee believes that Art and society are interconnected, as an artist, it is not essential to have a high skillful technique and art knowledge, but high consciousness and high connection with society.
Using the existing wooden pyramid made for deco wardrobe or interior design. Mok Yee expands his exploration about the utilities of the object and at the same time, changes the character of the object. In the pyramid series, the shape and arrangement provide a different angle of reflections of the mirrors. It somehow creates fragmented images absorbed from the environments. The works are concrete wooden work but it is also changing based on the environment and the viewers.
In the landscape series, the artist tore apart the wood cord spontaneously and created some unexpected traces. The traces create lines of different thicknesses and somehow they seem like borders on a map. Mok Yee’s wood cork series attempts to blur the line between the organic and artificial processes. The wood cork is wood dust compressed by machine and this is considered the process of artificial forces on natural materials. However, when the artist tears apart the material spontaneously, it somehow represents the effect of organic materials on artificial materials.
His art practices not only represent Visual Art but also stage design and percussion. He has been involved in different production and works as a music composer, percussionist, and production manager. The latest achievement by Lee Mok Yee was in November 2021 when he was being awarded the prestigious Gold Award in the Established Artist Category in Malaysia for the 40th UOB Art Awards 2021.
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Pyramid No.2

Wooden pyramid & Mirrored Stainless steel, 113 x 72 x 6 cm

Pyramid No. 3

Wooden pyramid & Mirrored Stainless steel, 112 x 112 x 7 cm

Landscape Drawing No. 1

Woodcork on Plywood, 103 x 103 cm

Landscape Drawing No. 2

Woodcork on Plywood, 103 x 103 cm
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