Lim Leong Seng

b. 1950, Singapore

Born in 1950, Lim Leong Seng (林龙成) is one of Singapore’s most iconic and successful sculptors. Growing up in a village at Island Road Club in Singapore, at the age of 18, Lim took up Buddhist studies and Chinese paintings under the guidance of a Buddhist Venerable, Master “Zhumo”. Graduating from the Baharuddin Vocation Institute in 1971, Lim has also been a member of the Singapore Modern Art Society since 1977, even serving as the society’s president in 2001. Today he continues to pioneer as a multidisciplinary artist, creating sculptures as well as paintings which span a diverse range of styles.
With an air for experimentation, Lim’s works often utilise bronze, steel, collage compositions, and mixed media. Through his work, Lim often explores and celebrates his Asian heritage, delving into Singapore’s multicultural fabric. Drawing great inspiration from Asian cultures such as Bali, Lim adopts a long-range approach with his artistic strategy, leaning on the principles of “exploration and eventual integration of ethnic culture, customs, and ambiance” in order to craft his distinctive style.
Lim Leong Seng’s impact has been widespread with his works being exhibited in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Japan, Paris, London, and Belgium. With seven solo exhibitions and multiple group exhibitions under his belt, his work has also been exhibited in many well-known locations in Singapore, from the National Museum to the Singapore Zoo. In collaboration with TAKSU, his work, “Human Connection” can also be found at Asia Square Tower 1. Naturally, Lim’s work has been sought after and appreciated by private collectors and prominent organisations alike as he continues to innovate and pioneer.
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Human Connections

Bronze, 190 x 95 cm


Rattan, 322 x 109 x 98 cm

A Lifetime of Bliss

Bronze, 66 x 80 x 24 cm


133 x 83 cm
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