Mathijs Siemens

b. 1982, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Growing up in a creative family, Mathijs Siemens always had a thing with creating visual surrealistic worlds. In his teenage years, he made many drawings, developing in style, from street-art to more figurative and surrealistic drawings in his twenties.
After the art academy, he became more interested in architectonical perspectives and the function of color, depth, and layers in art. In that period Mathijs Siemens began to work with different materials, such as resin, wood and foam board and started adding 3- dimensional elements to his artworks. His style had already transformed into a more surrealistic style, so eventually, the next logical thing for him was to free himself from all realistic boundaries in art and make the step towards abstract art.
For several years now he has been developing techniques in which cotton yarn is the most important material. By putting this fragile yarn under maximum tension, strong figurative compositions are created, whereby the space between the 2 and 3-dimensional is an exciting working field.
Placing layers of thread on top of each other and playing with lines, colours and reliefs brings his artwork to life.He clearly wants to make colourful and positive work. Sometimes with an almost hallucinatory or kinetic effect, often with an architectural layering.
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Grey Fields of Colour

Cotton yarn on wood. 55 x 150 x 6 cm

Bright Fruit

Cotton yarn on wood, 55 x 55 x 2.5 cm

Fovea Symbiosis

Cotton yarn on wood, 50 x 111 cm

Blue and Green Jungle

Cotton yarn on wood, 60 x 60 cm


Cotton yarn on wood, 57 x 61 x 4 cm

Painted Grass

Cotton yarn on wood, 48 x 48 cm

Abstract lemon

Cotton yarn on wood, 55 x 55 cm

City Windows

Cotton yarn on wood, 60 x 56 cm

Lost In Lines

Cotton yarn on wood, 52 x 72.5 x 6 cm

Choose your Path

Cotton yarn on wood, 110 x 78 x 5.5 cm

Hypnotic Spring

Cotton yarn on wood, 70 x 120 cm


Cotton yarn on wood, 60 x 50 x 6 cm


Cotton yarn on wood panel, 105 x 65 cm

Dancing Star

Cotton yarn on wood, 75 x 150 x 4 cm


Cotton yarn on wood, 50 x 60 cm

Fovea #13

Cotton yarn on wood, 46 x 58 x 6 cm

Fovea #14

Cotton yarn on wood, 93 x 93 x 8 cm


Cotton yarn on wood, 30 x 30 x 3 cm

Fovea #19

Cotton yarn on wood, 30.5 x 47 x 12 cm
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