Nasrul Rokes

b. 1999, Besut, Malaysia

Nasrul Rokes was born in 1999 in Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia. He completed his Bachelor degree studies in Fine art at UiTM Shah Alam and participated in several competitions and exhibitions. Nasrul explores soil material as his medium of artwork. He also creates installation scluptures.
In his latest artwork, it was intrigued by the aesthetic quality of natural processes during rainfall as the droplets form an effect of textures and embrace layers of colors that have an association with life as a symbol of growth, joy, and also a metaphor for love.
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Sand & acrylic on canvas, 153 x 153 cm

Summer Mist

Sand & acrylic on canvas, 153 x 153 cm

Esme Bring Me Accross the Dessert

Sand & acrylic on canvas, 114 x 92 cm

Guardians of the Night

Sand & acrylic on canvas, 92 x 92 cm
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