Pete Jimenez

b. 1960, Philippines

Sculptor Federico PETE Jimenez, known since 2000 for using found metal objects from junk shops, and transforming them into interesting sculpted metal objects. “I sourced all the materials from my weekly tours of junk shops,” he recounts. His garage in his house in Fern Village, in suburban Quezon City is a trove of industrial waste, kept in the dark, where hard and indomitable carcasses of steel await the light of his touch and imagination.
The result of the artwork, however, is not a pure representation nor is it a one to one fusion of material and intended art object. It underscores the artist’s intentional exercise of using materials that do not totally enhance the spirit of what he wants to recreate in an art piece. This is quite an unacceptable norm of creativity, in the academe, making him quite unique among his peers, including those who use the same material and metamorphose it into something poetic.
“That’s how I look at found objects. When I see them in the junk shop, I instantly know what they should represent. But I retain their old and original form as if they could dictate with their own volition what they should be like in my art. I do little intervention. The true form of the metal is not violated. The industrial waste is respected. That’s my play. In that way I work spontaneously,” he says.
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Steel, 185 x 30 x 30 cm


Steel, 185 x 30 x 30 cm

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