Umibaizurah Mahir Ismail

b. 1975, Malaysia

Umibaizurah gained her diploma in art education from the Faculty of Fine Art and Design at Universitas Teknologi Shah Alam (Technology University of Shah Alam), Malaysia. In 2000, she finished her BA degree at Universitas Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. She has participated in several exhibitions in Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and Pakistan.
Umi’s artworks show figures that look like children with distorted and incomplete bodies. The heads are noticeable while the other body parts are in different forms resembling particular objects. In some of her artworks, these figures are in full forms but somewhat simplified. Umi’s artworks seem to present a paradox. On the one hand, these child-like figures are made with smiley faces but in odd poses showing something which is really uncomfortable. In this exhibition, the figures are created in forms similar to cars using other media. They are lined up as if they are passively moving to the same direction. They look like odd objects that can be controlled.
She paints her figures in various bright and cheerful colours. It seems like Umi tries to remind us of issues on individual identity in the community with all attributes that create the identity. In some cases, this can be very artificial. She tries to talk about the frauds that usually shape someone’s identity. She presents the ambiguity and paradox of the reality in life, and also, about the layered reality creating experiences in a human’s life.
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Altered Minds

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Shattered Landscape

Ceramic & Steel, 48 x 45 x 38 cm
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