b. 1997, Malaysia

Dzur Fazreen Dzulkiffli, also known as Yeng, earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a specialisation in painting at UiTM Malaysia. Growing up in the enchanting landscapes of Terengganu, Yeng explores the expansive universe in his work.
Yeng’s pieces are a reflection of his personal experiences, exploring the complexities and mysteries of space and its endless possibilities. Through his use of floating elements, he aims to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation within the viewer while also embodying the confusion and wonder that surround the vastness of the universe. Yeng’s art is a unique blend of technique and emotion, inviting the audience to delve into their own personal journey.
In 2018, he lent his talents to the studio of esteemed senior artist, Hamidi Hadi, at Sarang Rupa in Seri Iskandar, Perak, enriching his creative journey. In early 2020, Yeng embarked on a transformative three-month residency at Sangkring Art Space in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, further honing his craft. Today, he passionately continues his artistic exploration and practice in the vibrant enclave of Ampang. Yeng has participated in group shows across Malaysia, most recently he was selected for the “Locals Only! 2024” exhibition at TAKSU Kuala Lumpur. Yeng’s work has been sought after by private and public collectors.
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The Triple Odd

Acrylic & oil on canvas, 152 x 182 cm

The Fusion

Acrylic & oil on canvas, 152 x 182 cm


Oil on canvas, 152 x 122 cm


Oil on canvas, 52 x 122 cm
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