Justin Lim

Justin graduated with a Diploma and BA(Hons) in Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, in partnership with Goldsmiths University of London. He was one of the young talent programme winner in 2015 and held his first solo exhibition in 2016. Justin is also a recipient of the Winston Oh travelogue research award 2017. His works examines mortality, the passage of time and the longing to hold on to things that are ephemeral and transitory in nature.

Reverie series is a series of works birthing from his Beautiful Tragedy works. It’s a series of mix media drawing on camera film paper titled ‘We all have our place in time;, he printed a total of 8 of these drawings on camera film paper. As the title suggest; we all have our place in time, Justin recreates these semi abstract landscape pieces by deconstructing and distorting the image. After which, he intuitively draws over them resulting in a timeless form of landscapes.


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